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Artist Album Year Label Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Various Artists Sisters [no value] Celestial Harmonies International CD Yes OOB 0097-02-07
Various Artists Killed By Epitaph [no value] [no value] Rock LP Yes OOB 0098-06-28
Various Artists Yo Hablo [no value] Lengua Armada Rock 7" vinyl Yes OOB 0097-05-10
Various Artists Songs of Siren 2 [no value] Shadow Records Rock CD Yes OOB 0099-07-31
Various Artists Axiom Dub Selected Cuts 12" [no value] Axiom Records Reggae 12" vinyl Yes OOB 0096-10-26
Various Artists Powerpuff Girls: Heroes And Villians [no value] Rhino Rock CD Yes OOB 2000-08-05
Various Artists High Karate [no value] Mutant Sound System Rock CD Yes OOB 0099-02-27
Various Artists Parasit [no value] Ant-Zen Experimental LP Yes OOB 0096-07-21
Various Artists Techno Breakbeat: Fast Forward to a New Century [no value] IRMAmerica Rock CD Yes OOB 0098-09-11
Various Artists Verschiedene: CD-Projekt [no value] Institut fuer Feinmotorik Experimental CD Yes OOB 0099-09-19
Various Artists Instrumental Music of Rajasthan [no value] [no value] International CD Yes Library [no value]
Various Artists Old School Vs. New School V. 2 [no value] Zomba Rap CD No OOB 2000-09-02
Various Artists The American Fogies, Volume 2 [no value] [no value] International CD Yes OOB 0096-05-25
Various Artists Chicago Slickers [no value] Nighthawk Records Blues LP Yes Library [no value]
Various Artists Outernational Meltdown [no value] B+W Music Jazz CD Yes OOB 0096-01-21
Various Artists Metro Tekno [no value] Silent Rock CD Yes Library [no value]
Various Artists Strictly Riddim-Dancehall Reggae vol. 1:the DJs [no value] [no value] Reggae CD Yes OOB 0095-07-22
Various Artists International Vibrations [no value] Capitol Records [no value] LP Yes NIB 2002-09-06
Various Artists Routine [no value] Warp Records Techno CD Yes OOB [no value]
Various Artists Earth Dance 2000 [no value] Higher Octave Music Rock CD Yes OOB 2000-12-16
Various Artists Sweet Relief 2: Vic Chesnutt [no value] North of January Rock CD Yes Library [no value]
Various Artists Excursions in Ambience 3 [no value] Astralwerks Rock 12" vinyl Yes OOB 0095-02-23
Various Artists Professional Test Record: the Blackhole Recordings... [no value] Blackhole Recordings Rock CD Yes NIB [no value]
Various Artists Anticon: Music for the Advancement of Hip-Hop [no value] Revolver Rap CD No OOB 0000-01-29
Various Artists The New Feeling [no value] Celestial Harmonies International CD Yes OOB 0096-04-13
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