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Artist Album Year Label Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Various Artists Japan In Decline LP [no value] [no value] Rock LP Yes OOB 0099-04-24
Various Artists A Stab At The Residents 7" [no value] Vaccination Records Rock 7" vinyl Yes OOB 0096-03-09
Various Artists Orfeu Soundtrack [no value] [no value] Soundtrack CD No OOB 2000-05-20
Various Artists Bass in Your Face [no value] [no value] Rock CD Yes OOB 0098-11-06
Various Artists A Journey into Ambient Groove Phase 2 [no value] [no value] Rock CD Yes OOB 0095-11-04
Various Artists Cop Compilation [no value] Cop International Rock CD Yes OOB 0097-01-25
Various Artists Warp 10+2: Classics [no value] [no value] Rock CD Yes OOB 0099-11-22
Various Artists Strummin Mental Part Two! [no value] [no value] Rock CD Yes OOB 2001-07-29
Various Artists Hardcore Rush [no value] [no value] Rock CD Yes OOB 0096-10-06
Various Artists Resist New Groove 2 [no value] [no value] Rock CD Yes OOB 0097-10-12
Various Artists Before Night Falls Soundtrack [no value] Grandview Soundtrack CD No OOB 2001-03-10
Various Artists Compositions in D Minor [no value] Genderless Kibbutz Experimental 12" vinyl Yes OOB 0095-06-27
Various Artists It's Only 4 Dollars Every Five Seconds [no value] Chunklet Records Rock CD Yes OOB 0098-08-29
Various Artists Disco Mortem 3x7" [no value] Releasing Eskimo Experimental 7" vinyl Yes OOB 0097-06-07
Various Artists electropolis [no value] Metropolis Records Rock CD Yes OOB 2000-11-04
Various Artists Charm Soundtrack [no value] 5RC Soundtrack CD No OOB 2001-06-26
Various Artists Music of Indonesia 13: Kalimantan Strings [no value] Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings International CD Yes OOB 0098-02-28
Various Artists Trip Through Sound: Blue Room Released Vol. 1 [no value] Blue Room Released Rock CD Yes OOB 0097-02-21
Various Artists Roots of Rock [no value] Yazoo Blues LP Yes Library [no value]
Various Artists Chicken Bomb [no value] Boring Theoretical Productions Rock CD Yes OOB 0096-07-07
Various Artists Rig Rock Deluxe [no value] [no value] Rock CD Yes OOB 0096-09-21
Various Artists Trance Europe Express 4 [no value] TEX Rap CD Yes OOB 0095-09-28
Various Artists Links Outta Here [no value] Generator Sound Archive Experimental CD Yes OOB 0097-09-20
Various Artists Slidin' On The Frets [no value] Yazoo International CD Yes OOB 2001-01-27
Various Artists Knitting Factory at the Whitney Museum [no value] Knitting Factory Works Jazz CD Yes OOB 0095-05-26
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