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Label Mush Records
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Albums on this Label

Artist Album Year Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Daedelus Rethinking The Weather 2003 Rock CD No OOB 2003-12-04
Daedelus Exquisite Corpse 2005 Rock CD No OOB 2005-07-15
Daedelus Denies The Day's Demise 2006 Rock CD No OOB 2006-08-31
Fat Jon Dyslexic [no value] Rap 12" vinyl No OOB 2001-05-26
Aesop Rock Float [no value] Rap LP No OOB 2001-06-13
Her Space Holiday The Young Machines 2003 Rock CD No OOB 2004-02-05
Her Space Holiday Sleepy Tigers EP 2008 Rock CD No OOB 2008-11-19
Busdriver Fear of a Black Tangent 2005 Rap CD No OOB 2005-07-16
Caural Remembering Today 2005 Rock CD No OOB 2006-01-19
Caural Mirrors For Eyes 2006 Rock CD No OOB 2006-11-19
Clouddead Dead Dogs Two 2004 Rock CD No OOB 2004-02-19
Clouddead Ten 2004 Rock CD No OOB 2004-03-03
Various Artists Ropeladder [no value] Rap CD Yes OOB 2000-10-14
Various Artists Mush Records Radio Sampler 2 2001 Rap CD Yes OOB 2001-08-18
The Opus Breathing Lessons 2004 Rap CD No OOB 2004-03-18
Omid Monolith 2003 Rap CD No OOB 2003-10-08
Listener Whispermoon 2003 Rap CD No OOB 2003-08-05
Villain Accelerate Maid of Gold 2003 Rap CD No Missing 2003-08-20
Curse Ov Dialect Lost in the Real Sky 2003 Rap CD No OOB 2003-09-10
Curse Ov Dialect Wooden Tongues 2006 Rap CD No NIB 2008-03-22
Sleeper Behind Every Mask 2009 Rock CD No OOB 2009-04-07
Clue to Kalo One Way, It's Every Way 2005 Rock CD No OOB 2005-12-08
Deru Say Goodbye To Useless 2010 Techno CD No Library 2010-07-28
Thavius Beck Decomposition 2004 Rap CD No OOB 2004-02-19
Neutrino Neutrino 2004 Techno CD No OOB 2004-07-28

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