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Label Tigerbeat6
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Albums on this Label

Artist Album Year Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Kid606 PS I Love You [no value] Rock CD No OOB 2001-01-20
Kid606 Who Still Kill Sound? 2004 Techno CD No OOB 2004-09-19
Kid606 Resilience 2005 Techno CD No OOB 2005-08-28
Various Artists Open Up and Say...@<%_|^[!] 2003 Rock CD Yes OOB 2003-09-10
Various Artists Let's Lazertag Sometime 2007 Techno CD Yes OOB 2007-03-05
Merzbow/Kouhei Split CD 2002 Experimental CD No OOB 2002-11-01
Numbers In My Mind All The Time 2004 Rock CD No OOB 2004-02-29
Crack Cosmic Mind Flight 2003 Rock CD No OOB 2003-11-22
DJ Rupture Special Gunpowder 2004 Techno CD No OOB 2004-10-31
Quintron & Miss Pussycat s/t 2005 Rock CD No OOB 2005-11-30