Album SubGenre
J.P.N.S. Hardcore
Vs. Shizor Hardcore
Jade Tree: The First Five Years Hardcore
Amped The Fuck Up Hardcore
The Product Of Deceit And Lonliness Hardcore
Fused Together in Revolving Doors Hardcore
Clawfist - Peel Sessions Hardcore
Cry Now, Cry Later vol. 1&2 Hardcore
Cry Now, Cry Later vol. 3&4 Hardcore
Oceanic Hardcore
Trigger Themes Hardcore
Ethos Hardcore
Upon The Right, I Saw A New Misery Hardcore
Richmond Music Cooperative Vol. 3 Hardcore
Probe Mission USA Hardcore
Something in the Water: The Secret History of Long... Hardcore
Warped Tour 2002 Hardcore
Pusmort View Hardcore
The West Coast of the East Coast Hardcore
The Art Of Self-Destruction Hardcore
Det Ar Synd Om Dom Rika Hardcore
Just An American Band Hardcore
Breathing Is Only Half The Fucntion Hardcore
Punk Seven Inch CD Volume One Hardcore
Bad Scene, Everybody's Fault: Jawbreaker Tribu... Hardcore
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