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Artist Various Artists
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Albums by this Artist

Album Year Label Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Big Mon [no value] [no value] Folk CD Yes OOB 2000-09-09
Sing A Song For You [no value] Manifesto Rock CD Yes OOB 2000-09-16
Self Portrait 7" [no value] Permafrost Rock 7" vinyl Yes OOB 2000-09-16
Kings And Queens Of Rocksteady [no value] Music Collection International Reggae CD Yes OOB 2000-09-24
Free The West Memphis Three [no value] Koch Records/Distributors Rock CD Yes OOB 2000-09-28
Crime And Punishment Soundtrack [no value] BMG Soundtrack CD No OOB 2000-10-07
Stray From The Pack [no value] [no value] Rap CD Yes OOB 2000-10-07
No Music Festival 99 [no value] Entartete Kunst Experimental CD Yes OOB 2000-10-07
Cuba Without Borders [no value] [no value] International CD Yes OOB 2000-10-14
Ropeladder [no value] Mush Records Rap CD Yes OOB 2000-10-14
Viva Cubop 2 [no value] [no value] International CD Yes OOB 2000-10-14
Deathbomb Arc Compilation [no value] Deathbomb Arc Rock 12" vinyl No OOB 2000-10-14
Pathfinder [no value] Path Rock 12" vinyl No OOB 2000-10-14
Ethiopiques V. 8 [no value] Buda Musique International CD Yes OOB 2000-10-16
Black Foundation: 17 Reggae Roots Classics [no value] Heartbeat Reggae CD Yes OOB 2000-10-16
Kwaito: South African Hip Hop [no value] Stern's International CD Yes OOB 2000-10-21
Harpsichord 2000 [no value] [no value] Rock 10" vinyl Yes OOB 2000-10-28
Turntablist Revolution [no value] DJ Honda Rap CD Yes OOB 2000-10-28
Xen Cuts [no value] Ninja Tune Records Rock CD Yes OOB 2000-11-01
Battle Axe Warriors Single Number 1 [no value] Battle Axe Rap 12" vinyl Yes OOB 2000-11-04
Bad Music for Bad People [no value] Trash Art! Rock CD Yes OOB 2000-11-04
The Rough Guide To Congolese Soukous [no value] World Music Network International CD Yes OOB 2000-11-04
Science of Glass Gargantua [no value] Toyo Rock CD Yes OOB 2000-11-04
Schoolhouse Funk [no value] Cali-Tex Rap LP Yes OOB 2000-11-04
Guangling Qin Music Series (excerpts) [no value] Hugo International CD No OOB 2000-11-04

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