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Artist Luciano
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Albums by this Artist

Album Year Label Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Great Controversy [no value] Jet Star Reggae CD No OOB 2001-03-24
Problem In Our Mind 2002 Higher Ground Sound Reggae 7" vinyl No NIB 2002-05-31
Serve Jah 2003 VP Records Reggae CD No OOB 2003-04-08
Tell It From The Heart 2003 Minor 7 Flat 5 Reggae CD No OOB 2003-10-06
Luciano 2006 2B1 Records Reggae CD No NIB 2006-08-12
Jah Is My Navigator 2008 VP Records Reggae CD No OOB 2008-05-25
Fabric 41 (Radio Mix) 2008 Fabric (London) Techno CD No OOB 2008-10-28