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Albums by this Artist

Album Year Label Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
10,000HZ Legend [no value] Astralwerks Rock CD No OOB 2001-05-26
Moon Safari [no value] [no value] Rock CD No OOB 0098-01-31
Premiers Symptomes [no value] Astralwerks Rock CD No OOB 0099-09-11
The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack [no value] Astralwerks Soundtrack CD No OOB 0000-04-15
Everybody Hertz 2002 Source/Astralwerks Rock CD No OOB 2002-04-22
Pocket Symphony 2007 Astralwerks Techno CD No NIB 2007-07-11
Love 2 2009 Aircheology Rock CD No OOB 2009-10-27
Le Voyage Dans La Lune 2012 Astralwerks Techno CD No OOB 2012-02-08