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Artist The Dead C.
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Albums by this Artist

Album Year Label Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Trapdoor Fucking Exit [no value] Siltbreeze Records Rock CD No OOB 0095-10-21
World Peace Hope et al. [no value] Shock Rock CD No OOB 0096-02-10
metalheart 1995 Siltbreeze Records Rock 7" vinyl No OOB 0095-08-19
The White House 1995 Siltbreeze Records Rock LP No Library [no value]
Language recordings 1 2 2000 Language Recordings? Rock CD No OOB [no value]
The Damned 2003 Starlight Furniture Co. Rock CD No OOB 0000-00-00
Future Artists 2007 Ba Da Bing! Rock LP No OOB 2009-10-11
Eusa Kills/Helen Said This 2008 Jagjaguwar Rock LP No Library 2008-12-16
The Sun Stabbed 2008 Ba Da Bing! Rock 12" vinyl No NIB 2011-04-09