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Artist Bad Brains
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Albums by this Artist

Album Year Label Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Black Dots [no value] [no value] Rock CD No OOB 0096-10-06
Rock For Light 1983 PVC Reggae LP No Library [no value]
I Against I 1986 SST Records Rock LP No Library [no value]
Attitude: The ROIR Sessions 1989 Relativity Records Rock CD No Library [no value]
Omega Sessions 1998 Victory Records Rock CD No Library [no value]
Soul Brains 2007 2B1 Records Rock CD No NIB 2007-03-07
Bad Brains 2007 ROIR Rock CD No NIB 2007-06-21
Build a Nation 2007 Megaforce Rock CD No OOB 2007-09-20