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Artist Album Year Label Format Comp Status DateAdded
[no value] Chimera [no value] Avant CD No OOB 0096-01-21
[no value] Automating Vol. 1 [no value] [no value] LP No OOB 2001-04-14
[no value] Hotel Ultra [no value] Kubitsuri Tape CD No OOB 0096-02-03
[no value] Letters From the Earth [no value] SER CD No OOB 0096-10-06
[no value] The Clearing 7" [no value] Dry Leaf Discs 7" vinyl No OOB 0095-12-14
[no value] Koter [no value] Mutter Wild 7" vinyl No OOB 0095-06-08
[no value] Life Documents [no value] Fourth Dimension 7" vinyl No OOB 0095-07-26
[no value] Who Can I Turn To Stereo [no value] United Dairies CD No OOB 0097-01-31
[no value] An Awkward Pause [no value] United Dairies 12" vinyl No OOB 0099-08-14
[no value] No Sound 7" [no value] Vinyl Communications 7" vinyl No OOB 0095-11-16
[no value] Blotch 7" [no value] Behemoth Records 7" vinyl No OOB 0097-05-05
[no value] Personal Scratch [no value] Eighth Day Music CD No OOB 0096-10-19
[no value] Rock and Roll Station [no value] World Serpent Distribution CD No OOB 0095-11-16
[no value] A Confederacy of Dances Vol.2 [no value] Roulette Intermedium CD Yes OOB 0095-02-16
[no value] the Watchman [no value] Tzadik CD No OOB 0096-09-14
[no value] Hat City Intuitive [no value] Superlux Recordings LP No OOB 0096-11-03
[no value] Retrofuturism #13 1990 RRRecords 7" vinyl Yes Library [no value]
[no value] Also Sprach Zarathustra 1994 Staalplaat CD No Library 1994-09-24
[no value] Containers 2000 [no value] CD No NIB 2001-08-25
Jim Connolly and the Gove County Philharmonic The Circus Doesn't Stop at Gove [no value] pfMentum CD No OOB 2000-09-09
Richard Bone Distillation [no value] Halcyon CD No OOB 2000-09-16
C-Schulz and Hajsch Sonig 13 CD [no value] Sonig CD No OOB 2000-09-16
Louis Karchin American Visions [no value] [no value] CD No OOB 2000-09-24
Bill Horist Soylent Radio [no value] Unit Circle Rekkids CD No OOB 0097-12-13
Bill Horist Songs From The Nerve Wheel [no value] [no value] CD No OOB 2000-09-24

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