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Artist Album Year Label Format Comp Status DateAdded
[no value] Total Acid House [no value] ToCo International 12" vinyl Yes Library [no value]
Trans Am Thing 2010 Thrill Jockey Records CD No NIB 2010-04-28
Photek Form and Function 1998 Astralwerks CD No OOB 0098-09-28
Richie Hawtin DE9 | Transitions 2005 Minus Inc CD No OOB 2005-12-04
Mocean Worker Enter The Mowo! 2004 Hyena Records CD No OOB 2004-05-14
Mocean Worker Candygram For Mowo! 2011 Self-released CD No NIB 2011-09-21
Mocean Worker Mocean Worker 2015 Self-released Digital No OOB 2015-08-19
Luke Slater Alright on Top 2002 Mute Corporation CD No OOB 2002-04-11
Aphrodite Aphrodite 1999 Gee Street CD No OOB 0000-01-22
Moby South Side [no value] V2 Records 12" vinyl No OOB 2001-02-17
Moby We are all made of stars 2002 V2 Records 12" vinyl No Missing 2003-03-11
Moby I Love To Move In Here Remixes 2008 Mute Corporation CD No OOB 2009-02-03
Moby Innocents 2013 Mute Corporation CD No OOB 2013-12-18
Moby Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt 2018 Mute Corporation CD No OOB 2018-05-09
Moby All Visible Objects 2020 Mute Records Digital No NIB 2020-05-18
Terre Thaemlitz Presents...You? Again? 2006 Kompakt Distribution CD No OOB 2007-12-13
Digital Assasins Digital Assasins [no value] Offworld Music 12" vinyl No OOB 2000-10-14
Terry Lee Brown Junior From Dub Til Dawn [no value] [no value] CD No OOB 2000-11-04
Orbital Halcyon 1992 FFRR 12" vinyl No OOB [no value]
Orbital Blue Album 2004 ATO Records CD No OOB 2004-08-29
Get Fucked Wet Dreams [no value] [no value] LP No OOB 2000-11-25
Get Fucked Dreams Are Made/Hangover 2000 Eukahouse Records 12" vinyl No OOB 2000-10-14
Red Snapper Redone 2003 Lo Recordings CD No OOB 2003-12-21
BT Shame + Never Gonna Come Back Down 2001 Nettwerk Records 12" vinyl No OOB 2001-10-13
BT Somnambulist 2003 Nettwerk Records 12" vinyl No Missing 2003-08-29

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Acid Jazz
Drum and Bass
Hardcore Techno
Power Noise