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Label Nonesuch Records
ContactPerson [no value]
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Address 75 Rockefeller Plaza
City New York
State NY
Zip 10019
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Albums on this Label

Artist Album Year Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Caetano Veloso Livro 1998 International CD No OOB 0099-09-06
Caetano Veloso Noites Do Norte 2001 International CD No OOB 2001-05-26
Caetano Veloso Live In Bahia 2002 International CD No Library 2006-01-21
Caetano Veloso Omaggio A Frederico E Giulietta 2002 International CD No OOB 2002-04-27
Caetano Veloso A Foreign Sound 2004 International CD No OOB 2004-10-17
Caetano Veloso 2006 International CD No OOB 2007-03-01
Caetano Veloso zii e zie 2010 International CD No OOB 2010-04-22
Caetano Veloso Abraçaço 2014 International CD No OOB 2014-04-25
Youssou N'Dour Nothing's In vain 2002 International CD No NIB 2006-01-21
Youssou N'Dour Roku Mi Rokka 2007 International CD No OOB 2008-01-31
Brad Mehldau Live in Tokyo 2004 Jazz CD No OOB 2005-01-12
Brad Mehldau Ten 2010 Jazz CD No OOB 2011-01-19
Brad Mehldau Highway Rider 2010 Jazz CD No OOB 2011-02-15
Brad Mehldau Live in Marciac 2011 Jazz CD No OOB 2011-04-19
Don Byron Music for Six Musicians [no value] Jazz CD No OOB 0095-03-30
John Zorn Spillane 1987 Experimental CD No Library [no value]
Bill Frisell This Land 1994 Jazz CD No Library [no value]
Bill Frisell Go West 1995 Jazz CD No OOB 0095-03-18
Bill Frisell The High Sign/One Week 1995 Jazz CD No OOB 0095-03-18
Bill Frisell Quartet 1996 Jazz CD No OOB 0096-05-04
Bill Frisell Gone, Just Like a Train 1998 Jazz CD No OOB 0098-01-17
Bill Frisell Good Dog, Happy Man 1999 Jazz CD No OOB 0099-06-11
Bill Frisell Ghost Town 2000 Jazz CD No OOB 0000-03-18
Bill Frisell With Dave Holland and Elvin Jones 2001 Jazz CD No OOB 2001-12-01
Bill Frisell Blues Dream 2001 Jazz CD No OOB 2001-03-03

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