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Label Columbia/Legacy
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Albums on this Label

Artist Album Year Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Legacy Edition) 2006 Folk CD No OOB 2007-02-19
Charles Mingus Mingus Dynasty [no value] Jazz CD No Library [no value]
Herbie Hancock Sextant 1972 Jazz CD No Library [no value]
Herbie Hancock The Essential Herbie Hancock 2006 Jazz CD No NIB 2006-03-02
Miles Davis In a Silent Way 1969 Jazz LP No Library [no value]
Miles Davis Kind of Blue 2006 Jazz CD No NIB 2010-02-25
Miles Davis Bitches Brew (Legacy Edition) 2010 Jazz CD No OOB 2010-09-09
Freddie Hubbard Red Clay 2002 Jazz CD No NIB 2006-04-22
Nina Simone Silk & Soul 2006 Jazz CD No OOB 2006-04-22
Nina Simone Sings the Blues 2006 Jazz CD No OOB 2006-04-22
Nina Simone Forever Young, Gifted & Black: Songs of Freedom and Spirit 2006 Jazz CD No NIB 2006-06-14
Jeff Buckley Grace (Expended Legacy Edition) 2004 Rock CD No OOB 2004-11-16
Moby Grape Vintage 1993 Rock CD No Library [no value]
Leonard Cohen Canít Forget: A Souvenir of The Grand Tour 2015 Rock CD No OOB 2015-06-12
George Jones My Very Special Guests 2005 Rock CD No NIB 2005-09-15
Bob Dylan No Direction Home: The Soundtrack (The Bootleg Series Vol. 7) 2005 Rock CD No NIB 2005-09-22
Janis Joplin Pearl 2005 Rock CD Yes NIB 2005-06-21
Various Artists Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar 2005 Jazz CD No NIB 2005-10-27
Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance 2012 Rock CD No OOB 2012-09-05
Patti Smith Horses/Horses 2005 Rock CD No Library 2005-11-19
Patti Smith Twelve 2007 Rock CD No OOB 2007-05-21
Rosemary Clooney The Essential Rosemary Clooney 2004 Jazz CD No OOB 2004-11-09
Wayne Shorter Footprints: The Life and Music of Wayne Shorter 2004 Jazz CD Yes OOB 2005-01-19
Neil Diamond The Essential Greatest Hits Collection: 2005 USA Tour Edition 2005 Rock CD No NIB 2005-09-22
Lefty Frizzell Look What Thoughts Will Do 1997 Folk CD No Library [no value]

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