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Label ROIR
ContactPerson [no value]
Address P.O. Box 501 Prince Street Station
City New York
State NY
Zip 10012
Country [no value]
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Albums on this Label

Artist Album Year Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Bill Laswell ROIR Dub Sessions 2003 Reggae CD No Library 2006-01-02
Bill Laswell Version 2 Version: A Dub Transmission 2004 Rock CD No OOB 2004-10-24
10 Ft. Ganja Plant Hillside Airstrip [no value] Reggae CD No OOB 2001-03-31
10 Ft. Ganja Plant Midnight Landing 2003 Reggae CD No OOB 2003-10-12
10 Ft. Ganja Plant Bass Chalice 2005 Reggae CD No OOB 2005-11-21
10 Ft. Ganja Plant Skycatcher 2013 Reggae CD No OOB 2014-05-18
Mike Ladd Father Divine 2005 Rap CD No OOB 2005-12-06
Niney the Observer Observer Attack Dub [no value] Reggae CD No OOB 0095-07-10
Bad Brains Bad Brains 2007 Rock CD No NIB 2007-06-21
Badawi Soldier Of Midian 2002 Rock CD No OOB 2002-11-01
Badawi Clones & False Prophets 2004 Rock CD No OOB 2004-07-21
Wordsound I Powa Live From the Planet Crooklyn [no value] Rap CD No OOB 0097-07-05
Television The Blow-Up [no value] Rock CD No OOB 0099-04-17
The Legendary Pink Dots Under Triple Moons 1997 Rock CD No NIB 2011-07-17
The Legendary Pink Dots The Whispering Wall 2004 Rock CD No OOB 2004-07-23
The Legendary Pink Dots Seconds Late for the Brighton Line 2010 Rock CD No OOB 2010-10-01
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Dub From the Secret Vaults 2004 Reggae CD No OOB 2004-05-31
Various Artists Soon Come From ROIR 2005 Reggae CD Yes OOB 2005-09-04
Various Artists ROIR CMJ Sampler 2006 Reggae CD Yes OOB 2006-12-14
Various Artists Essential Dub 2007 Reggae CD Yes OOB 2007-12-04
Ras Michael A Weh Dem A Go Do Wid It 2003 Reggae CD No OOB 2003-10-12
Dufus 1:3:1 2003 Rock CD No OOB 2003-11-14
Dub Trio Exploring the Dangers Of 2005 Reggae CD No OOB 2005-08-01
Dub Trio Cool Out And Coexist 2007 Reggae CD No Library [no value]
Dr. Israel Patterns of War 2005 Reggae CD No OOB 2005-11-15

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