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Label Ace Records
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Address P.O. Box 579 Kenmore Station
City Boston
State MA
Zip 02215
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Albums on this Label

Artist Album Year Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
Smokey Hogg Deep Ellum Rambler 2000 Blues CD No OOB 2001-04-21
Joe Hill Louis Boogie In The Park 2001 Blues CD No OOB 2001-09-29
Chuck Berry On The Blues Side 1993 Blues CD No OOB [no value]
Champion Jack Dupree Dupree 'N' McPhee: The 1967 Blue Horizon Session 2005 Blues CD No OOB 2005-12-09
Wanda Jackson The Very Best Of The Country Years 2006 Folk CD No N&WC [no value]
Various Artists Mozambique 1 [no value] International CD Yes OOB 0095-03-30
Various Artists Shake 'em on Down 1994 Blues CD Yes OOB [no value]
Various Artists Let's Have a Blues Ball 1995 Blues CD Yes OOB [no value]
Various Artists West Texas Bop 1999 Rock CD No NIB 2009-10-11
Various Artists Straight to Watts 2003 Rock CD Yes OOB 2003-10-01
Various Artists The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions, Vol. 1: Arkansas & Mississippi 1951-1952 2003 Blues CD Yes OOB 2004-02-01
Various Artists Bakersfield Rebels 2004 Folk CD Yes Library [no value]
Various Artists The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol. 4 2005 Folk CD No NIB 2006-02-25
Various Artists Hearing Is Believing 2005 Rock CD Yes N&WC [no value]
Various Artists The Central Avenue Scene 1951-1958 Vol. 2 2005 Rock CD Yes OOB 2005-10-21
Various Artists More Mellow Cats "n" Kittens 2005 Jazz CD Yes OOB 2007-06-12
Various Artists Southern Soul Showcase 2005 Rock CD No NIB 2006-09-15
Various Artists Country And West Coast 2006 Folk CD Yes OOB 2006-10-26
Various Artists Even More Mellow Cats 'N' Kittens 2006 Blues CD No NIB 2007-12-06
Various Artists Cool Daddy 2006 Jazz CD Yes OOB 2007-06-12
Various Artists On With The Jive! 1950's R&B From Dolphin's of Hollywood (Vol. 1) 2008 Rock CD No NIB 2010-02-21
Various Artists New Breed R&B 2008 Rock CD No NIB 2010-03-18
Various Artists Take me to the River: A Southern Soul Story 1961-1977 2008 Blues CD Yes OOB 2009-06-05
Wynonie Harris Lovin' Machine 2002 Blues CD No OOB 2003-05-18
James Carr The Complete Goldway Singles 2001 Rock CD No NIB 2002-06-17

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