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Albums on this Label

Artist Album Year Genre Format Comp Status DateAdded
[no value] Believe Mixtape 2011 Rap CD No NIB 0000-00-00
[no value] The Uncreated 2013 Rock Digital No OOB 2013-03-06
Z.O.W.I.E Z.O.W.I.E. [no value] Rock CD No OOB 2000-09-09
Z.O.W.I.E Keep Your Eyes On The Spies [no value] Rock CD No OOB 2001-02-03
Boxstep Boxstep [no value] Rock CD No OOB 2000-09-09
Olivia Tremor Control Peel Session [no value] Rock CD No OOB 2000-08-05
The Hurricane Lamps Tilting At Windmills 2002 Rock CD No OOB 2002-05-13
Bardo Pond Slab [no value] Rock 10" vinyl No OOB 2000-09-16
Eugene Chadbourne/Paul Lovens Young At Heart / Forgiven [no value] Jazz CD No OOB 2000-09-23
Mocean Worker Candygram For Mowo! 2011 Techno CD No NIB 2011-09-21
Mocean Worker Mocean Worker 2015 Techno Digital No OOB 2015-08-19
Sun City Girls God is My Solar System/Superpower 2003 Rock 12" vinyl No Missing 2004-01-26
Sun City Girls Napoleon & Josephine 2010 Rock CD No N&WC [no value]
The Black Halos Jane Doe/Russian Roulette 7" [no value] Rock 7" vinyl No OOB 2000-09-24
Blu Rum 13 Previously Unreleased Recordings [no value] Rap CD No OOB 2000-09-30
Microwaves 4 Songs [no value] Rock CD No OOB 2000-10-07
Microwaves Higher Voltage: Live 2019 Rock Digital No OOB 2019-03-06
Lonely Planet Boy Some Songs You Might Enjoy [no value] Rock CD No OOB 2000-10-07
Ella Jenkins Seasons for singing [no value] International CD No OOB 0000-03-25
Defari LA City 12" [no value] Rap 12" vinyl No OOB 2000-10-21
Detention Live In New Jersey, 1983 [no value] Rock 7" vinyl No OOB 2000-11-04
Paste Today We Learned [no value] Rock LP No OOB 2000-11-04
Grand Buffet Undercover Angels 2002 Rap CD No OOB 2002-12-26
Grand Buffet Cigarette Beach 2002 Rap CD No OOB 2002-12-26
Fushitsusha 1978 2003 Rock CD No Missing 2003-10-07

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