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SubGenre New Wave
Genre Rock

ProgramGenres in this SubGenre

ProgramGenre Program
[no value] Fraggle Rock
[no value] [no value]
[no value] [no value]
[no value] Mix Tape
[no value] Aural Fixation
[no value] A Progressive Addiction
[no value] [no value]
[no value] Romeo's Distress

AlbumGenres in this SubGenre

Severe Exposure
Piedmont Charisma
The Big 80's - Christmas
Light & Magic
Chapel of the Chimes
Make Up the Breakdown
Reproductions: Songs of the Human League
Black Cabaret
Outside of Outer Space
Love Love Love
Tigersushi Presents More G.D.M.
Don't Try This At Home
It's Not For You, As It Is For Us
His & Her Vanities
Black Cherry
Zoo Psychology
Oh Fantastica
Sting Sting Sting
The 21st Door
Presents His X-Factor Vol. 1

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