Program: No Compression
Start: Time: 16:00 Date: 08-27-2003
End: Time: 18:00 Date: 08-27-2003
Artist Album TrackName
Spring Heel Jack Live part II
Adam Rudolph Go: Organic Orchestra Web Of Light Pleiades I/II
Nobukazu Takemura Scope Icefall
Kaffe Matthews/Andy Moor Locks She Is Nice
Thinking Plague Early Plague Years Inside Out
Stars Of The Lid Gravitational Pull Vs. the Desire For An Aquatic Life Jan. 69
Raymond Scott Microphone Music Devil Drums
Mushroom with Gary Floyd Mad Dogs & San Franciscans Keep on Running
The Residents Residue Deux Scent of Mint
Nazz Open Our Eyes: The Anthology Open My Eyes
Robert Wyatt Shleep Last Will and Testament
Richard Thompson The Old Kit Bag Gethsemane
Teebee vs. Future Prophesies Dimentional Entity/The Patch Dimensional Entity
Biostacis Biotactics Brain hack
Nico & Rukkus Defender Defender
I.A. Bericochea Rojo track 1
Pole Pole Slow Motion (w/ Fat Jon)
Si Begg Director's Cut Premonition
Third Eye Foundation Little Lost Soul Stone Cold Said So
Wire Send Mr Marx's Table
Team Dresch Captain, My Captain Freewheel
Shellac Terraform Copper
Essential Logic Fanfare In The Garden Aerosol Burns
God Is My Co-Pilot Je Suis Trop Content Love w/An F
Chappaquaddick Skyline Chappaquaddick Skyline Everyone Else Is Evolving
Jenny Toomey Tempting Cheat
Barbara Manning One Perfect Green Blanket/Lately I Keep Scissors Smoking Her Wings
Taking Pictures Friends Are Ghosts Hibernation for a Hypernation/Faces, Smeared
Ex Models Zoo Psychology Pink Noise
Les Baton Rouge Chloe Yurtz Velvet Barbed Wire
Dianogah As Seen From Above what is your landmass?
The Hidden Cameras The Smell of Our Own Ban Marriage
Husker Du Flip Your Wig Makes No Sense at All